Off-Ice Training for Younger Skaters (Kristina Anderson)

Strength and conditioning specialist and figure skating coach Kristina Anderson discusses off-ice training for younger skaters.  So much of off-ice training has been focused on elite and higher level athletes that coaches are often confused about what off-ice training is appropriate and important for developmental skaters.  Kristina cautions that many younger skaters or those at lower skating levels may not be ready for explosive movement training, at least as performed by high level athletes.  At the lower levels, Kristina focuses on keeping it fun and building general athleticism rather than on figure-skating-specific exercises.  She offers some suggestions.

The goal for young skaters is “building a general culture of off-ice training and building general technique along the way.”  Kristina also notes that off-ice training can be used to build community at a rink.  Many skaters really thrive in the group setting of off-ice training.  Competitive off-ice games can be very motivating and a great work-out for all.  The “flag football” game is innovative and provides a great example of an engaging off-ice training game for younger skaters.


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