Hip Mobility for Figure Skaters (Kristina Anderson)

Figure skating coach and certified strength and conditioning expert Kristina Anderson offers exercises and insights regarding hip mobility for figure skaters. She begins by explaining why hip mobility (strength and range of motion) is so important. It helps prevent injury and helps dramatically with alignment, strength, and control for nearly everything that skaters do on the ice.

Next she goes through a series of exercises that are intended to be done in order for maximum benefit, and the entire sequence can be repeated multiple times for added benefit. She begins with a pushup, step-through to a lunge, then twist which is a common yoga movement. She does this on both sides, then performs another push-up into a downward dog and then a pigeon position. Again she does this on both sides before finishing with another pushup and then the upward dog yoga pose with head turns. Kristina takes the time to explain what these exercises are doing, and she offers tips to perform them correctly or in a modified manner if necessary.


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