Teaching Methods and Learning Methods (Bobbe Shire)

In this video, figure skating spin specialist Bobbe Shire discusses teaching and learning methods in the context of skaters trying jumps within spins.  In particular, Bobbe has her demonstrators attempt forward sit, jump into back sit.  Notice that initially she provides no instruction so the skaters need to try to figure it out themselves.  After they try it (we see one attempt in the video) she provides a “theoretical” discussion to help the skaters remember the things they already know about spinning.  The following attempts are dramatically better.

Bobbe takes some time to talk about what she sees as an issue with how skaters learn today (as opposed to the past).  Today skaters need more instruction because they typically are not asked to think critically to figure things out themselves.  Bobbe thinks that skaters expect to be told how to do everything and they expect to be reminded, meaning they take less personal responsibility for making changes.  As Bobbe notes, if skaters would have at least one primary focus when practicing a given skill, they would make significantly faster progress.


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