Spin Lesson Pt 2 – Sit Change Sit (Charyl Brusch)

Spin specialist Charyl Brusch continues with a spin lesson for one of her skaters.  In the first part of this lesson, Charyl covered the forward upright scratch spin, the back upright scratch spin, and the forward sit spin.  In this part, the focus is on the forward sit spin change foot to back sit spin.

The first attempt has several errors but Charyl initially addresses the change of foot movements.  What she is describing is changing feet in a way that generates a push but also allows the skater to place the back sit spin directly over the forward sit spin.  Many people assume that to do this a skater must place the feet down close together, but that is not true.  By beginning to push before placing the backspin foot on the ice, the feet can remain separated.  Charyl says, “Wherever your left foot was is where I want you to put your right foot.  And as your right foot is going down, your left foot is going out.”

Charyl offers 2 very helpful tips.  First she wants the skater to do a “quarter turn” on the backspin foot by internally rotating the leg and hips.  Watch this demonstration and see how it helps the skater transfer her weight.  Next, Charyl recommends stepping onto the toe pick “toward the big toe.”  This is counter-intuitive to many since it suggests the skater will be on the wrong edge, but it allows the skater to make a strong toe pick-to-ice connection and the “quarter turn” movement directly after helps push the skater onto the correct edge.

Charyl also asks for a back pivot which is a great exercise for skaters who are stepping too flat footed.  The skater’s push into the back sit from the back pivot improves immediately.  Notice how far forward the skater must press the body in a static position (assisted by Charyl) to balance the position properly.  Although Charyl says “chest up” she really means the skater should hinge from the waist and not hunch forward to balance the spin.  The solo back sit is quite nice, so the issue is clearly the transition with the change of foot.

At the end of the lesson, Charyl focuses on the getting the free leg to swing as wide as possible around on the entrance to the forward sit.


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