Single Jump Lesson – Part 3 (Nick Perna)

International coach and jump specialist Nick Perna continues a lesson with a skater who is working to improve her single jumps. In Part 1 of the lesson, Nick worked on backspin, h-position, d-position, and landing position. In Part 2 the focus was on fixing a “toe axel” or in this case a “toe waltz jump.” In the video below, Nick works to correct issues with the free leg on the loop jump.

This young skater is doing a loop jump from a forward inside three turn, but making the mistake of uncrossing and pulling back the free foot in a side-by-side position even before taking off for the jump. Nick patiently works to get an h-position at take-off, and eventually an h-position at landing. He uses the blue line (“blue river”) and manually lifts the skater to try to help her understand what should happen.

Many skaters at this level (and many adult skaters) don’t feel comfortable landing with the free foot in front, so this error is fairly common. Sometimes the problem stems simply from a skater’s inability to hold the h-position itself, as weak hips tend to collapse on landing impact. Notice how Nick is not at all concerned about the skater actually landing the jump, or even getting the free foot back for landing. The focus is getting the skater to land with the free foot in front and across. The value in this video is seeing the process and the patience Nick uses to get the change to happen.


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