The Flip Jump – Part 4 (Nick Perna)

In the figure skating video below, Nick Perna finishes his discussion of the flip jump.  This is the fourth part of a four-part series.  In the first video, Nick introduced the flip jump and discussed the active edge as well as edge change issues.  In the second flip jump video in this series, Nick discussed the three turn entrance and details about toe pick usage.  In Part 3, Nick explained where the pick goes in and how rotation is created.

In this video, Nick begins by discussing how to create a double flip from a single and a triple flip from a double.  He uses a walk-through of the jump that he demonstrates.  Notice that to do the walk-through he picks in and then puts the blade down.  He says, “It’s important that they can do a walk-through in a straight line.”

Nick takes a moment to discuss triple flip.  He notes that you really have to be an excellent athlete to land a triple flip.  He notes the need for jump height, quickness of rotation, and accuracy of air position.

Nick also talks about the picking in motion for a flip jump.  The pick is placed to the side of the skating foot as he explained in an earlier video of the series, but the pick goes in nearly side-by-side the other skate.  He explains and demonstrates what he means in detail.  He says, “It’s not a motion of pick and draw your feet side-by-side.”  He shows an exercise he uses to develop the motion and feeling of how to pick in.


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