Seeing the Lutz Edge (Nick Perna)

International coach and jump specialist Nick Perna is working with a class of beginner skaters on the lutz jump. The focus of this video is making sure the class understands what a proper lutz is and how to see it. There isn’t much technical detail in this video. So the main value is watching each of these skaters try the lutz and we can try to determine if they took off from an outside edge.

Nick demonstrates a proper lutz entrance and take-off walkthrough, and he also draws both a correct and an incorrect lutz take-off tracing on the ice. This is helpful for skaters at this level, as it ensures understanding. Nick also explains the common error of starting on an outside edge but changing edge when attempting to rotate and jump. Young skaters in particular often overlook what happens “during the jump” so Nick makes sure they recognize that it’s the most important moment.

The rest of this video is individual skater lutz attempts, with commentary from Nick. This is a great way to help a class like this understand the issue, and to see it for themselves. This approach makes it easier to motivate the skaters later to make important changes. See if you can see if the edge is correct or not before Nick tells us.


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