Program Sections, Choreography, Program Development (Kori Ade)

World and Olympic coach Kori Ade is working with one of her skaters. She begins the lesson by analyzing the skater’s daily skating diary to identify problems with the program that might need to be fixed. For this kind of a diary, the skater keeps accurate records of each program run-through, with notes about each element. During this analysis, Kori determines a program section to focus on and she has the skater perform that section.

Kori notes that the skater is not really performing quality loops in the footwork sequence and she traces them with a marker to make them visible and talks about it with the skater. This is a very common issue with high level footwork sequences. Next, Kori focuses on the transition leading to the double axel.

And although the point of this is to try to identify pattern problems or reasons the double axel is not as consistent as desired, Kori is distracted by some of the performance aspects of the transition. She is able to discuss the details with the choreographer (Rohene Ward) to dramatically improve the look of the section. She also identifies the problem with the double axel, noting that the location of the jump on the ice is not correct, which is ultimately affecting the technique.


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