Powerful Transitions in Change Foot Spins (Bobbe Shire)

Figure skating spin specialist Bobbe Shire talks about the push into a backspin from a forward spin during a change foot spin.  She reminds us, “Anytime you change position on a spin or anytime you change feet, everything you need for the hook you need again.  You need a new axis for the new position or the new foot.  You need a new George, because the old one’s dying out, and you never want to rush him.  You want to create your center before you squeeze George in.”

Bobbe takes the time to explain how she prefers a skater to push between the spins.  By keeping the new axis foot off the ice as long as possible and pressing away with the original axis foot, a huge amount of energy can be generated.  She says, “When they put the new foot down, they have a big wide step but it winds up right on top of the first spin.”

Bobbe acknowledges an alternate method of pushing between spins where the skater places the new foot on the ice right next to the original spinning foot, and then pushes away using the original spinning foot.  This alternate method is often easier for beginners to learn, but it doesn’t compare with the other method in terms of power generation.


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