Polishing Spins for Competition (Kori Ade)

In this short video, World and Olympic coach Kori Ade reviews her skater’s program spins and offers insights and suggestions. This is a continuation of a previous video on program improvement.

The first spin is a spin in one position. The position is camel, and specifically it’s a flying camel, switch to inside edge, layover, and ending with a foot grab. If all goes well, this is a Level 4 spin. As Kori notes, for Senior level a spin in one position requires a minimum of 8 rotations total. The first attempt was at roughly 8 rotations, and Kori wants a bit more as insurance. So she suggests which positions the skater can add rotations to in order to increase the overall rotations to about 10. The next attempt by the skater has about 10 total revolutions and it looks like it also meets the 2-rotation minimum for the individual positions. After this spin, Kori notes that the grab foot position is “bothering” her but she assumes it’s related to the striped shirt the skater is wearing. This is a great reminder that clothes can affect our observations and interpretations, even in practice.

The next spin is a forward camel into layover camel, followed by an A-frame, then change to a back sit spin, and finish in an upright (I-Spin, or maybe a Y-Spin depending on how you see it). This is also potentially a Level 4 spin. Kori is a bit concerned about the A-frame position, but agrees to keep it for the upcoming competition if the speed remains high. She makes the point that the rest of the spin is strong and therefore the A-frame is not a major distraction when considering the whole spin.


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