Flying Sit Spin – Creative Introduction to This Flying Spin (Kori Ade)

Kori Ade shows the process she uses to introduce a flying sit spin to a young skater.  This is a creative approach to teaching this element and builds the flying sit up using familiar concepts and easy drills.  Notice how Kori keeps this lesson fun.  She starts by asking for a basic “boring” sit spin to determine the strength of the spin and to see if the skater is really ready to try a flying sit.

Next she asks for a one-foot waltz jump.  The one-foot waltz jump is a great way to get the skater used to taking off and landing on the same foot without transferring weight, and maintain control of the landing with a solid core.  Next, Kori grabs the skater’s hands and has them do the same one-foot waltz jump with a tuck of the take-off/landing leg.  Kori then progresses to having the skater do it unassisted.  The demonstration in the video is excellent.  Notice the fight for landing stability by the skater.

The next exercise involves a half-circle, a three turn, and a back shoot the duck.  Kori explains it very clearly in the video and you can see that’s is relatively challenging for the demonstrator.  Next Kori adds a small hop.  Stay tuned for the next video in the series…


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