Pivots and Motivation for Pivots and Skids (Audrey Weisiger)

World and Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger talks about pivots and she provides motivation for learning pivots and skids/stops.  She begins by showing the 4 backward pivots (right backward inside pivot, left backward inside pivot, right backward outside pivot, left backward outside pivot) and then she shows how to teach them.  She explains the value of teaching the back outside pivot for lutz jump development.  She also shows how to develop the pivot by skating on 2 feet and separating the feet front-to-back before “anchoring” the back toe pick and doing the pivot.  She recommends teaching skaters to “manipulate” the blades on the ice to create movement as a way to develop mastery of the positions and edges.

Next Audrey discusses the forward pivots (right forward inside pivot, left forward inside pivot, right forward outside pivot, left forward outside pivot), with the pivot foot in back or crossed in front.  She notes that these pivots can be used to create interesting choreography and footwork.  Again, she explains the value in teaching the forward outside pivot as a way to develop mastery of the axel take-off edge.

Audrey encourages coaches to allow skaters to “play with their blades” as it creates awareness that is helpful for all skating skills.  She explains how the tango stop can be very helpful in axel and double axel development.  Relatively simple skills can play a huge role in the mastery of difficult skills like double and triple jumps.


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