Off-Ice Warm Up Exercises (Audrey Weisiger)

World and Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger supervises a class of advanced skaters who are running through a number of off-ice warm-up exercises. The class is student-led with one of the skaters in the class are sharing the exercises she uses on a daily basis. Notice how thorough the basic warm-up process is for this advanced skater. There isn’t much discussion about how to perform these exercises and potential errors, but skaters can model them directly from the skaters demonstrating in the video.

The class begins with head/neck rolls, then neck stretches, followed by shoulder rolls both forward and backward. Next they perform arm circles from the elbows, then arm circles from the shoulders, including a coordination exercise with contra-rotating arm circles with core twist. After shoulder stretches, there’s core twists, side stretches, bouncing hamstring and low back stretches, and then a dynamic layback stretch. Then there’s hip circles, both directions, and quad and hip flexor stretches with standing knee bend (dynamic hip control), followed by standing one-leg knee tuck stretches. After that, it’s squatted knee circles, both with knees together and knees in opposition, followed by ankle circles and a pronated ankle stretch. Finally, there’s a series of open squats, lunges, Cossack squat stretches, and lateral “undercut” stretches.

Since the skaters are leading these exercises, Audrey uses this as an opportunity to discuss coaching concepts. Sometimes skaters lose sight of what a coach’s role is, and this is a great reminder.


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