Off-Ice Training – Important Concepts and Using Cones (Kristina Anderson)

Strength and conditioning specialist and figure skating coach Kristina Anderson discusses specific off-ice training exercises using cones, and then covers some important principles or concepts for all coaches to know regarding off-ice training.  To begin the video, Kristina talks about using items like cones and ladders (and tape on the floor, etc) as a way to make off-ice training more fun and more engaging.  Cones are an inexpensive training aid that any coach can easily add to their toolbox.

Kristina shows a handful of exercises she likes to use cones for, including lateral shuffle agility drills and cone hopping.  Notice all the variations on these simple drills that can help keep the exercises interesting to the skaters while working slightly different athletic skills.

After the demonstration and discussion of the cone exercises, Kristina takes a few minutes to discuss the need to focus on different off-ice drills with each skater, depending on their weaknesses.  One key observation is that sometimes “flexibility” issues are really a combination of flexibility and strength and coaches should always keep this in mind.

Near the end of the video, Kristina discusses one of the most overlooked aspects of off-ice training.  Some skaters automatically apply any new strength, quickness, flexibility, balance, or power they develop through off-ice training to their on-ice skating.  But some do not.  As an example, a skater with an increase in off-ice vertical jump height may not jump higher on the ice.  In other words, skaters sometimes lack the application of their new athleticism on the ice.  Kristina offers suggestions for these cases and reminds us that not only is basic strength and conditioning training important, but sport specific off-ice training is also important.


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