Figure Skating Off-Ice Training – Skipping (Kristina Anderson)

In this off-ice training video, strength and conditioning specialist and figure skating coach Kristina Anderson discusses skipping.  Skipping is an overlooked training tool for figure skaters.  This is probably because it’s simple and everyone already knows how to do it.  But skipping is important for skaters because it emphasizes explosive movements off one foot (just like jumping!).  Kristina notes that backward skipping is often hard for skaters, at least initially, mainly because they have little experience with it.  However, backwards skipping is very effective for developing the reach and muscle engagement of jumps like the toe loop, the flip and the lutz (she uses the phrase “recruitment pattern”).  Kristina also wants the skaters to skip for height and then for distance.

The discussion of backward off-ice movement for figure skaters is valuable.  Kristina spends some time explaining why this kind of off-ice training is so important.  Just incorporating backward running, backward skipping, and backward agility ladder drills can really improve a skater’s overall athleticism.  Kristina notes that skipping is actually an excellent warm-up exercise when time is tight (isn’t it always?).

Most people may be aware of simple skipping drills, but more advanced skipping drills seem to be relatively unknown.  Kristina shares a few in this video, incorporating turns and twists and arm movement variations as well.  She also demonstrates some leg variations.  By using these variations, not only will the work-out remain interesting to the skater but the variations in muscle recruitment will improve muscle development.

Sorry for the camera focus problems in this video.  We published it anyway since the information is so important.


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