Off-Ice Training During Pandemic – Part 1 (Chris Conte)

International coach Chris Conte begins a comprehensive discussion of his approach to remote off-ice teaching during the coronavirus lockdown. This is a continuation of the previous 3 part discussion with Chris and International head coach Lorie Charbonneau regarding ramping up an off-ice program during the isolation period, with more emphasis on the technical details. Chris begins by showing his work area and computer setup, including screen share options for teaching.

Next, Chris takes a moment to provide some context for this discussion. He explains their “normal” off-ice training program when ice is available. During that time the advanced skaters typically have 4 20-minute off-ice classes a week, and the developmental skaters typically do it 2-3 times per week. Some of the skaters also do off-ice spinner and harness training, up to 2 times per week as private lessons.

For the higher level skaters, “classes are more of a dynamic warmup and technical jumping class (to reinforce on-ice technique), as they have separate conditioning programs that incorporate plyometrics.” Skaters should arrive early and foam roll and do range of motion exercises prior to the jump class, so they’re ready to go right when class starts. Chris notes that the class is fluid and changes in scope and intensity near competitions.

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