Off-Ice Jump Training: Warm-Up – Part 3 (Chris Conte)

International coach Chris Conte continues a comprehensive discussion and demonstration of his approach to remote off-ice teaching during the coronavirus lockdown. This series is a continuation of the previous 3 part discussion with Chris and International head coach Lorie Charbonneau regarding ramping up an off-ice program during the isolation period, with more emphasis on the technical details. In Part 1 Chris shared his basic home setup and provided background for off-ice training during normal times when ice is available, and in Part 2 he discussed his strategic approach which included some safety tips (proper shoes for off-ice jumping). In this video, he begins a demonstration of a typical warm-up, with tips and insights.

Chris notes that he wants to achieve three things with the warm-up: raise the skater’s heart rate and core temperature, work on range of motion and basic muscle activation, and begin functional jumping movements to ensure all muscles are firing in the proper sequence. He begins with jumping rope, and he explains the basics for skaters who are not yet proficient. This includes teaching the sometimes challenging arm movements which are often assumed rather than taught, and focusing on the overall rhythmical movements without actually jumping over a rope to start.  To develop control and to keep the skater’s attention, Chris uses a metronome.

Once a skater masters basic rope jumping, Chris encourages some variations such as turning the legs and feet in and out. Another variation he demonstrates is hopping side to side between inwardly rotated feet. Chris recommends doing short bursts of these variations followed by basic two foot jumping. He shows more variations including alternating one-foot high knees, alternating forward two-foot forward-backward split stance (slaloms), two foot in and out (straddles), two foot twist back and forth (rotations), and side to side two foot slaloms. He suggests jumping rope for about two to three minutes for this part of the warm-up.

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