Off Ice Harness Training – High Level (Sheila Thelen)

Figure skating specialist coach and inventor Sheila Thelen continues her demonstration of off-ice jump training using an electric spinner and stationary off-ice harness system. This is a continuation of the previous videos here and here. In this video, the demonstrator is an advanced high level skater who has already mastered all aspects of off-ice harness training, and we get to see what this looks like.

The off-ice harness provides a method for training jump air position, with variations in position (h-position, fast axels, etc) and then returning to an efficient flox position where the axis knee is locked and the axis foot is flexed. The Heco Stix toss and catch at the end is a way to work on awareness after the rotation, helping skaters learn to become un-dizzy quickly in order to both make decisions and control movement (catch something). Sheila has this skater demonstrate typical problems when a skater doesn’t flox, and she also notes the off-ice training is great for identifying skaters that close their eyes while rotating in the air (and correcting it).


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