Off Ice Harness Axel Training Continued (Sheila Thelen)

Figure skating specialist coach and inventor Sheila Thelen continues her demonstration of off-ice jump training using an electric spinner and stationary off-ice harness system. This is a continuation of the previous video here.

Sheila begins by noting that skaters can put the body harness (vest) on themselves, but she offers a safety tip for maximizing velcro contact to keep the body harness secure. The body harness should be tight for air position training, and skaters who find it uncomfortable usually get used to it over time. Wearing a skating jacket can also help make it more comfortable.

With the electric spinner and stationary overhead harness, like in the previous video Sheila has this skater do a simulated axel take-off with multiple “fast axels” while rotating in the air. On the first attempt, the skater loses balance and Sheila explains how important it is to have a stationary harness as a safety aid when doing any kind of work on the electric spinner. Falls from the spinner platter can be “super awkward” and dangerous if not also using a harness system.

In the next attempt, the skater steps up into the air and hits a quality air position. Notice the foot positions (floxing) and overall straightness and tightness to the body position. Sheila has the skater do “fast axels” while rotating in the air, and she also has the skater demonstrate these movement on the ground so we can see them very clearly. Also notice the “landing” on the platter as a way to work on one-foot balance after the air position rotation work.


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