Champion Off-Ice Skating Harness



Champion Off-Ice Skating Harness

This stationary off-ice harness is perfect for working on jump air position. Having an efficient jump air position is critical for optimal rotation for double, triple, and quadruple jumps. Just a few minutes training on this harness system is equivalent to hours of jumping practice in terms of air position training.

This harness is sold by iCoachSkating but is produced and shipped by Champion Skating Harness, LLC of Shafer, MN. This is the highest quality off-ice harness on the market and was designed by Sheila Thelen, the inventor of Champion Cords. Sheila has been involved in skating harness design and sales for literally decades.

These off-ice harnesses are often purchased by skating clubs, but more and more skating families are purchasing these for their homes and garages to give their skaters a chance to master this aspect of skating away from the rink. Also, individual coaches often purchase these harnesses in order to give their skaters any advantage they can. The harness can be either permanently mounted or temporarily mounted.

  • Very easy to install (need a 10 foot ceiling)
  • Perfect for rink/house/garage
  • Great for all levels of skaters (low level and high level)
  • Easy to use, pulley system means you only lift 1/3 of skater’s weight
  • Additional body harnesses also available (2 sizes)

Check out the harness system in operation.


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