Off-Ice Choreography – Part 3 (Garrett Kling)

Choreographer Garrett Kling continues the off-ice choreography class for an on-ice group performance to skaters at a camp. He begins this video with choreography that precedes the movements learned previously in Part 1 and Part 2. Garrett first organizes the group into lines and then teaches the movements.

Again, as in the earlier videos of this choreography, the real value here is in trying the movements that Garrett is teaching, as a way to increase one’s “movement vocabulary.” This also provides choreography ideas to those who work both with larger groups as well as individual skaters. Notice the use of “the wave” concept, which is popular in group numbers in ice shows.

At the end of the video, Garrett leads the group through the entire choreography and it’s obvious many are really struggling to keep up. But that’s normal when “installing” a new set of choreography as the idea is to teach movement patterns and sequences and build initial familiarity, prior to the repeated drilling to come which locks the overall movements and sequences into muscle memory as well as mental memory.


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