Off-Ice Choreography – Part 2 (Garrett Kling)

Choreographer Garrett Kling continues the off-ice choreography class for an on-ice group performance to skaters at a camp. He begins this video where Part 1 left off, adding new movements and steps. Skaters often struggle with steps and footwork while also including arms and upper body movement, but Garrett builds the choreography as one complete piece. Skaters also often struggle with hops and weight transfers as well as turns and counter rotating body movements. Teaching this in an off-ice classroom setting can dramatically help skaters learn the choreography quickly on the ice.

Notice how some on-ice skills simply don’t work very well off the ice. See how Garrett uses a variety of small steps to simulate pivots, swizzles, and gliding. Also, it’s clear the skaters in the class are struggling with the entire piece, but they do have a vague understanding of the steps and movements. Keep in mind they will put in several more hours of repetition before putting it on the ice. Garrett finishes this video by putting it all to music, which the skaters clearly aren’t ready for, but it’s still early in the process.


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