Off-Ice Choreography – Part 1 (Garrett Kling)

Choreographer Garrett Kling teaches choreography for an on-ice group performance to a class of skaters at a camp. He begins by telling the class about the music choice, including some deeper meaning. Next he explains that he will teach the choreography to counts, in this case repeating counts of eight (from music selection).

The value in this kind of video is in trying the movements that Garrett is teaching, as a way to increase one’s “movement vocabulary.” He does a nice job explaining the movements, including tips regarding extension and knee timing and stretching and relaxing where appropriate. Also notice how Garrett sometimes breaks the upper body and lower body out so the skaters can learn isolated movements first before combining them into an overall movement. When teaching choreography, repetition is very important, especially in groups where some skaters will learn quickly and others may take more time. Also notice that Garrett continues with more choreography even before the skaters have mastered previous sections, recognizing that they will master it with upcoming repetition.


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