Common Flip Jump Errors and Fixes (Chris Conte)

In a class setting, International coach Chris Conte offers insights about common flip jump errors and how to fix them. He begins by demonstrating a single flip with a massive head turn problem. This is often caused by skaters attempting to create rotational energy for the jump with their head, but Chris explains that hip turn can and should happen without head turn. He has the class do simple exercise so they can feel the hips rotate while the head remains fixed.

The next common error Chris demonstrates is a massive toe scratch on the reach, typically caused by either upper body collapse (loss of posture) or an inability to pivot under control on the toe pick at the entry speed. As Chris notes, this is a particularly harmful error when doing double and triple flips because this is the exact moment the jump needs to accelerate (while the toe pick scratch causes a deceleration).

During this discussion, Chris explains that a flip jump comes off the heel of the non-picking foot and he notes that “rotation is free”. What he means is by stopping (or slowing) the translational movement of the axis side by placing the toe pick in the ice and accelerating the non-picking foot past it, the body automatically starts to rotate. He shows this with the help of a skater in a nice demonstration where the skater “stops” one of his shoulders while the other continues through and creates natural rotation.

To finish this video, Chris has the class work on baby bear (walk through drill) and mama bear (single jump) exercises as a segway to working on doubles.


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