Multi-purpose Skating Drills All Skaters Should Master (Nick Perna)

Figure skating coach Nick Perna shares two very important drills.  These exercises are deceptively difficult, and represent a clever way to develop important skating skills.  Both of these drills benefit the skater in two major ways:

  1. The skater learns to fully control internal and external rotation of the hips in isolation, and
  2. The skater learns the fine motor skills associated with blade usage or where the weight is on the blade.

The first drill is well known to most coaches who use the “drill” to measure jump distances.  Nick demonstrates and explains the drill in detail.  This is essentially the same drill recommended by Chris Conte in his Edges and Turns Class series (part 3) with more full internal and external rotation.

The second drill is a fun and safe drill which teaches control on two feet in opposition.  This builds internal/external hip rotation awareness, blade control, and coordination.  (Again, see Chris Conte demonstrate a version of this he calls the “in and out drill” at 3:04 in the video here.)

The importance of these kinds of drills cannot be over-stated.  The control and awareness these “simple” drills develop is beneficial in EVERY aspect of figure skating.


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