Figure Skating Edges And Turns – Part 4 (Chris Conte)”>Chris Conte continues with an edges and turns class in Korea.  This is the fourth of a multi-part series.  You can see the previous parts of this series here (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3).We did not have wireless microphones for this class so at times the audio may be hard to hear.  Throughout these videos, Korean coach “Grace” Eun He Lee is translating Chris’s comments for her skaters and this sometimes makes understanding Chris even more challenging on the video.  However, the overall value of this information is so high that we decided to publish it anyway.  We ask for your understanding regarding the audio and please leave a comment below if something is unclear.   

In this video, Chris shows a less extreme version of the itsy-bitsy-spider drill.  He shows where the skaters will be rocking to on their blades but unfortunately, we cannot see it on the video.  What Chris was pointing too was a spot just a bit in front of the middle stanchion to a spot a little in front of the back stanchion.

Again Chris has the skaters start at the wall.  Next, he has them do it on the blue line of the rink.  The skaters clearly have trouble with this drill.  To give them some balance, Chris allows them to balance with their “free” skate resting on something slippery on the ice.  In this video he uses a skate guard but normally he would use a hockey puck which is more stable.  He shows how to use the balance aid, keeping it on the line and not swinging around the skating foot.

It may be necessary for a coach to help a skater learn this drill as Chris demonstrates by holding their hands so they can focus on the blade usage and hip movement.  Chris wants the “free” foot/leg/hip to remain “neutral” and only the skating foot/leg/hip turn.  Chris wants them to “only work one side.”  Figure skaters are usually comfortable turning out but turning the toe in and internally rotating the hips is a foreign feeling to most skaters.  This drill is fantastic for developing this important skill (very useful in turns and in jumping!).

At about 3 minutes into the video, Chris offers some variations of these drills, including some on two feet and some with free leg variations.

This is more great information from Chris.  Please leave a comment below.


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