More Edge and Blade Usage Drills Including Secret Double Axel Drill (Nick Perna)

Figure skating coach Nick Perna provides a more advanced version of his Banana Drill on one foot.  The inside edge version of this drill is easier, but skaters should master stopping on both inside and outside edges, and both when skating forward and backward.  This drill is advanced because it requires not only excellent edge control, but precise balance and foot placement to stop on a single clean edge (without using the toe pick, a skid, or the heel).

Nick notes that stopping on a forward outside edge in this manner is an excellent drill for skaters working on double axel.  The drill forces the skater to get used to pressing the skating foot forward while turning it open and maintaining the body weight behind the skate.  Every skater working on double axel or triple axel should master this drill.

In this video, Nick shares another much easier drill that all skaters should master.  In its simplest form, the skater skates forward on two feet, presses both feet out in front, and stops on the toe picks before pressing off the toe picks and reversing direction.  This is yet another way skaters can master blade usage in terms of front-to-back awareness and control.  This drill can and should also be done on two feet.  (And notice the similarity to the Chris Conte drills here and here.)


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