Motivating Skaters With Small Amounts of Money (Page Lipe)

International coach Page Lipe shares an effective way to use small amounts of money to help motivate skaters. In this example, Page lays out quarters for each element in a program and may use small bills (such as $1 or $5) for very challenging elements. This game is very motivating for highly competitive skaters, as it not only provides the chance to win something tangible, but also involves someone else losing (in this case the coach).

For those with bad habits such as popping jumps, Page goes further and makes the skaters put in their own money, which they get back for rotating the jump. If they land the jump, they also get more money from Page. Most coaches (and skating parents) can afford to risk small bills and coins on these kinds of games, and there is really no limit to how one can set up such a game to provide the necessary motivation.


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