More Flip Jump Insights (Chris Conte)

In a class setting at a seminar, International coach Chris Conte offers helpful insights about the flip jump. He begins by addressing the position after the 3-turn or mohawk and just before the reach and pick. Chris wants the “toe behind the heel” or the free toe stretched behind the skating foot heel. The skaters in the class are working on double flip, but notice how many struggle with simply controlling the entrance. Chris notes that this position needs to be stable for consistent doubles and triples.

Next he has the class put their hands on their hips and do the entry again while trying to feel the free hip (picking hip) go back. Many skaters will lift the free hip when trying this, but the free hip should stay roughly level with the skating hip. Chris makes the point that the arms are not the appropriate place for coaches to focus on here. The focus should be on the body positions from the ice to roughly the waist. He says, “You have to work from the floor to the proximal core.”

To help the skaters feel this, Chris has them identify the lower edge of their rib cage and say, “The bird flies from here (lower ribs) down. This (the arms) is just feathers.” He continues by saying, “Your arms are an extension of your trunk.” Skaters should feel the jump from the blade up through the hips which ultimately control the shoulders if done correctly. To illustrate this, he takes the class to the boards and shows how the movements of the initial part of the take-off create proper shoulder movement and positioning if the hips are working correctly. Notice the additional focus on head anchoring.

To end this video, Chris shows the class a video of former US Mens Champion Ryan Bradley performing a “flip.” This is obviously for fun, but it does illustrate the desired entrance control.


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