Figure Skating Edge Tips – The Propeller Drill (Nick Perna)

Nick Perna continues a series of videos covering drills and exercises he uses to help his skaters develop power, agility, coordination, and edge control and awareness. In the first three videos in this series, Nick taught the Bread Drill, the Banana Drill, the Inside Crab Walk Drill, and the Outside Crab Walk Drill. In this video, Nick teaches an exercise he calls the Propeller Drill.

Nick explains it as a “tiny little figure eight, done on one foot” with the other foot’s toe pick in the ice “so it’s a little bit like a pivot.” Nick draws on the ice and demonstrates the drill. He notes that the outside edge part of the drill is usually harder for a skater.

Nick also demonstrates the drill backwards and he notes it’s generally easier than forwards for most skaters. In both the forward and backward versions, Nick wants the skater to keep the body facing generally forward as he demonstrates.

Then Nick demonstrates the drill on one foot. This is much more challenging!!! Notice the free leg movement and placement to help create edge pressure and provide balance. Nick notes that this drill may be helpful to skaters learning to do a loop figure.


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