Lesson: Layback, Side Layback, Haircutter, Biellmann (Kim Ryan)

In this lesson, spin specialist Kim Ryan works with a flexible and talented skater on an advanced upright layback type spin combination. The skater is starting this spin combo with a side layback, but Kim notes that it is still important to begin the regular layback process to get both hips pressed forward and the body stacked over the skating side. This skater struggles with keeping the skating leg straight throughout the spin, and Kim addresses this throughout the lesson with reminders to “keep it tall” and “go go go go.” She also recommends pressing the hips forward and getting the skating leg to lock before doing the catch for the haircutter.

At the wall, Kim has the skater rock to the toe pick and press both hips to the wall. As she notes, the bellybutton should not be touching the wall, meaning the hips should be more forward than the stomach area. Skaters such as this demonstrator with good back flexibility will often lack the proper hip thrust and they compensate with arching the back. On one attempt, the spin traveled dramatically, and Kim explained this is due to the free side not properly coming around the skating side on the spin entry. This is one reason to encourage skaters to attempt a regular layback position before the side layback, as it tends to automatically fix this. Another solution is to have the skater start briefly in a “half sit spin” before moving into and upright and then the side layback position, as the half sit forces the free side through properly.


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