Landing Position Ideas and Insights (Rohene Ward)

Coach and choreographer Rohene Ward shares insights and ideas for landing positions. For this presentation he has 4 advanced skaters as demonstrators, all having slightly different body types and jump landing technique. Rohene begins by noting that he chooses a basic landing position for each skater based on their specific needs and tendencies. The skaters demonstrate a “basic checked position” and we see the tendency to “overcheck” partly because the skaters aren’t sure what Rohene is trying to show at this stage. For skaters that lose control of the free side, Rohene uses an overchecked position but it’s clear he prefers a basic checked or square position with arms at shoulder height. Notice the emphasis on head to the axis side for certain skaters.

He says, “For me the landing position isn’t so much a technical thing unless there’s technique issues on the jump. But the landing for me is more of the performance part of the jump.” He talks about “selling” the performance of the landing, and one way to do that is to open the palms upward. This also has the benefit of opening the shoulders.

He also has the skaters demonstrate landings with the non-axis arm behind the back and the axis arm extended forward and upward. Developing mastery of various landing positions shows “a different type of control.” Rohene has the skaters then land with the non-axis arm up and the axis arm into the circle as a way to extend the landing with more focus on extension upward and less on simply checking. This landing position can also help some skaters stay over the axis side on landing. As Rohene explains, specific landing positions can dramatically improve the look of jumps for any specific skater.


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