USFS Novice Moves In The Field – Part 1: Backward Outside Twizzles (Karen Heng Olson)

Karen Heng Olson explains how she teaches backward outside twizzles from the beginning.  In fact, in this video Karen works with a skater that has never done these twizzles before.

Karen starts with back pushes with the free foot pressing behind.  She wants the skater to open the free side rather than stay stiff and closed.  For the first twizzles, Karen describes it as, “So it has to start with a back outside edge with a push like that so that the leg goes back first.  Then you’re going to draw your legs in together and rotate.  And once you’re spinning, it’s just like any other twizzle you’ve done.  Legs are in, arms are in.”

Karen wants the demonstrator to push harder and accelerate the turn more.  She says, “Don’t think you have to start the twizzle sooner.  Get on the edge first.  Get on the edge and then spin.”  Karen wants the skater to open the shoulders into rotation to help accelerate the rotation.  She says, “Try to let your shoulders open up as you push.”  She even gives her skater permission to be “sloppier” to get rotational speed.

Karen explains that like most coaches she is just learning to teach twizzles.  At the time this video was shot, twizzles were still very new to most coaches and skaters.


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