USFS Novice Moves In The Field – Part 2: Backward Outside Twizzles (Karen Heng Olson)

Karen Heng Olson builds on her discussion of backward outside twizzles by offering a valuable exercise to work on properly building rotational energy and timing.  In this short video, Karen explains how to apply the circular power three turn pattern from the Juvenile Moves to build speed and rotation for twizzles.

Many coaches teach the circular power three turn pattern incorrectly, by asking their skaters to push and then rotate the shouldes and then turn.  As Karen notes here, “I want them to be rotating and pushing all in one motion.”

For the twizzle, “We want them to push and rotate everything at the same time.  So that means even the free leg will go behind.”  To work on twizzles, Karen recommends doing alternating back power three turns and back twizzles.  That way the skater feels the rotation from something they are already familiar with (hopefully).  “Let your body turn as you’re pushing.”

Great tip!!


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