USFS Novice Moves In The Field – Part 3: Backward Inside Twizzles (Karen Heng Olson)

Karen Heng Olson explains how she introduces and refines back inside twizzles.  Karen teaches it much like a flip jump take-off.  She uses same arm in front (same arm as skating foot).

Karen notes that she uses twizzles to help reinforce ideas related to jumping.  In this video she explains she likes the arms to be narrow on jumps and so she prefers narrow arms on the back inside twizzles as well.

In this video, Karen also takes a moment to discuss the difference between inside and outside twizzles.  She also talks about open and closed hips (external vs. internal rotation of the hips).  As Karen notes, the jumps can be thought of as having internal rotation (at least in the rotating air position).


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