Jumping Fundamentals – Part 2 (Chris Conte)

International coach and jump specialist Chris Conte continues a presentation on the fundamentals of good jumping and good jump technique. In Part 1 he discussed the idea of less complicated movements and he introduced the “sideways moment” concept. In this video, Chris begins by teaching a basic two-foot off-ice jump with both hands on the axis hip.

To prepare properly the skater starts in a neutral position with good posture and pulls the axis hip back. This naturally turns the shoulders into the desired wind-up position. Note that it’s the hips that create the upper body movement and position. Chris then adds a slight bouncing movement on bent knees. By focusing on the axis hip, Chris creates the lift and the rotation for the jump and he describes it as “down and back, up and forward.”

Chris briefly discusses arm positions, including the classic seatbelt arm position in the air. But the focus is mostly on how the arms move naturally during the jump take-off. Chris demonstrates the “around or circular” movement as well as the low to high movement. Then he uses a toe loop as an example of how this works for a typical on-ice jump.

Notice that even though he is reaching back with his non-axis leg, the axis hip goes down and back on the preparation. Then the movement of the hips automatically places the picking toe into the ice at the right position and creates the desired “sideways moment.” This leaves just a quarter of a turn pivot before the jump leaves the ice facing forward. Chris then emphasizes the idea that this is “little bits of movement” as opposed to thinking about it as large and powerful movements.


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