Flip Jump Lesson (Chris Conte)

International coach and jump specialist Chris Conte works with a skater to improve a single flip jump. (See previous part of this lesson focusing on loop jump here.) Chris begins by noting that a flip is basically a “loop jump through your toe pick.” He draws a desired tracing on the ice, explaining that the pick position should be about hip width.

Then Chris focuses on the three turn which most skaters and coaches use as the preferred entry for the flip. He uses a “toe behind the heel three turn” where the skating foot is turned intentionally by flipping “the heel” of the skating foot around to backward. He explains this ability to open and close the hips independently is just a learned skill. Next, Chris makes an important distinction about checking (twisting) and suggesting that skaters should not do a turn and then check, but rather check to be able to do the turn. Another interesting comment Chris makes is, “The bird flies from here (ribs) down and this stuff (arms) can just be feathers.” He continues, “As long as I’m doing the check with my rib cage, upper core, and lower core, arms don’t matter.”

Once the toe pick enters the ice, Chris wants the picking foot to turn inward with respect to the hips, in the direction of jump rotation. By creating a “knock knee” position, the skater can release into the rotation but also be more likely to stay on an inside edge on the non-picking foot. Chris briefly discusses desired timing and them demonstrates a single flip, before having the skater try a couple.


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