Jump Technique – Head Anchor and Air Position (Jeremy Allen)

International coach and jump specialist Jeremy Allen talks about important jumping principles. He begins by addressing the concept of anchoring the head during a jump take-off. As Jeremy notes, a high percentage of elite skaters anchor the head (to the rink) while pivoting through their jump take-0ffs with their shoulders and arms and hips. As he notes, head anchoring is important because it helps orient the skater to the jump direction and gives the skater a better sense of where they are in the air (by consistently backing into the jump with the head in the same position each time). The anchored head also “provides a better place to snap from” which he demonstrates.

Jeremy teaches having the shoulders square in the air rather than having a twist against the rotation. He notes that there are only two places in a jump where a skater is checked with the shoulders and that’s at jump setup and at the moment of landing. Jeremy demonstrates the potential problem with rotational alignment if a skater has the shoulders checked in the air. The real problem here is usually a result of having the axis side elbow pulled back behind the body in a way that destroys alignment. One way to avoid this is to jump with both arms above the head, as the skater is then forced to automatically square up the shoulders in the air.


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