Stationary Off-Ice Harness, Jump Air Position Training – Part 2 (Sheila Thelen)

Coach Sheila Thelen continues her short series showing how to properly use a stationary off-ice (or on-ice) harness for developing jump air position.  In Part 1 she discussed the desired fundamental h- and d-positions.  In this video, Sheila puts a skater into the harness and shows the process.

She begins by putting the skater into the harness and describing the various important parts of the system.  She comments on the 3-to-1 pulley system which allows the coach to only lift one-third the weight of the skater, essentially making it so any size coach can do off-ice training with nearly any size skater.

One of the new key positions Sheila mentions in this video is what she calls the “starfish.”  This position allows the skater to re-center and simply hang correctly before pulling in again into the d-position.  Notice how this young skater is already learning to “flox” by training with this tool.

In Part 3, Sheila continues with teaching methods and helpful tips as she continues to work with this skater.


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