Insights About Days and Weeks Before Competition (Page Lipe)

International coach Page Lipe shares important insights about the critical training time in the days and possibly weeks leading up to an important competition. Like most elite coaches, Page wants her skaters prepared for competition well in advance. But as competition nears, many well-prepared skaters start having problems with certain jumps or elements in their programs. Most coaches and parents attribute this to “getting nervous” as the competition gets closer.

But Page looks at this time differently. Instead of attributing these regressions to nerves, she explains that many times skaters are so well-prepared that their subconscious sabotages their skills just so they have something to work on during this period. To address this, Page prefers to limit practice time, or fill practice time with other challenging things to work on (but not new jumps). This is an important insight, and will help many skaters and coaches.


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