How to Center a Spin – Tips to Prevent Traveling (Kim Ryan)

Figure skating spin specialist Kim Ryan explains the need to ride and deepen the entrance edge of any spin.  In this case, she is discussing the forward scratch spin (see Part 1) but she notes that this applies to sit spins and camel spins and is true for the back crossover entrance or the forward inside three turn entrance.

Kim wants her skaters to “step back into the circle” and ride the entrance edge for tree quarters of a full rotation.  She shows how skaters that do not hold the edge long enough will travel.  This graphic is extremely valuable for many skaters to understand what is happening, although most coaches take it for granted.  Notice how Kim wants the skaters to ride the edge and then “step over the top” or “get over the top.”  This idea is necessary as many skaters do not understand the idea of getting over the spin after the entrance.  This is a critical component to centering a spin.

Kim recommends using a line on the ice to train spins.  This is particularly important for young skaters who may be having problems with traveling.  This is one of the best tool for how to step spins from traveling.


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