Head Position and Movement on Jump Take-Offs – Part 2 (Jeremy Allen)

International coach and jump specialist Jeremy Allen continues his discussion of head anchoring for jump take-offs (see Part 1 here). In particular, he offers more insights about the head with respect to the jump direction, or the momentum of the jump. He notes that the goal is to get the head to remain facing in the direction of the flight path as long as possible. He demonstrates how turning the head unnecessarily can even affect walking, and it’s not surprising that it is so important for creating a consistent and correct jump axis.

Jeremy demonstrates proper head anchoring for the axel, as well as for a loop jump. He notes that some skaters feel comfortable anchoring during the very early stages of the jump take-off movement, but by the time they leave the ice the head may have already turned dramatically or even tilted outside the circle. One solution is to jump with one arm up as Jeremy has described in previous videos. But he also offers a more basic step-by-step approach to working the head on single jumps to ingrain proper movement patterns.


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