Flying Spin Lesson – Death Drop Drills, Flying Camel Insights (Charyl Brusch)

Spin specialist Charyl Brusch gives a skater a lesson on death drops and flying camels. Although this skater is challenged by these skills, this video offers insights into some of the drills Charyl uses to correct these problems.  On the death drop, Charyl starts with “kick turns” to develop the basic feel for the element.  With this skater she focuses on the 3-turn to the toe pick on the entrance. By asking for a forward pivot on the toe, she’s helping the skater build awareness of the feeling of rotating on the toe pick.   Notice how Charyl asks for both arms over the head on the initial kick. Some coaches teach both arms to shoulder height and then just the take-off side arm continuing over head.  This skater demonstrates the common error of a weak second kick and Charyl uses the classic exercise at the wall to help this.

Charyl was only going to ask for one flying camel as a warm-up to the death drop attempt, but the rest of the lesson was spent on the flying camel.  She wants the skater to stay on the toe pick longer and pivot around before the fly.  Charyl has the skater do a great drill on the wall to simulate the mid-air position of the flying camel (although it will rarely be level on an actual flying camel).  A common error is missing the toe pick on a flying camel, as experienced by this skater.  This is potentially dangerous.  Charyl notes that this skater’s flying camel take-off is more like a death drop (lots of vertical movement rather than horizontal rotational movement).


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