Fixing Edge Change on Flip (Audrey Weisiger)

World and Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger works with a skater who is struggling with achieving the correct edge on a double and triple flip jump take-off. The primary solutions that Audrey is using here include a back inside edge skid take-off and a wide pick placement. Much like fixing the edge on a lutz jump, the process of fixing the edge on flip is time consuming and requires considerable patience and dedications from both the coach and the skater.

To start the video, Audrey has the skater perform a half loop (Euler) followed by a double flip which sometimes works because the picking leg tends to continue to swing into the circle and cause a wider pick placement than the skater would normally use. But Audrey notes that this skater did not benefit much from this drill, at least initially.

Audrey has the skater do the back inside edge skid and then attempt to do this same skid on the single flip. To do this well, the skater needs to keep the weight in the center of the blade to minimize getting too far forward on the blade which is a hallmark of the lutz take-off. Audrey says, “I don’t want to even hear that toe pick.” Notice the process of attempting the double, but returning to many single attempts where there can be more focus on the problem and more exaggeration of the solution. Because the skater is jumping toward the camera, we get to see clearly how wide the pick placement is on the single flip attempts and how narrow it gets on the double flip attempts.

Next, Audrey asks for more of a “sustained skid” rather than just a quick skid attempt at the moment of pivoting and picking. Audrey says, “Sometimes to feel a correction you have to do it exaggerated.” To build the new feeling, she has the skater do the exaggerated and sustained skid into single flip 5 times, before attempting the double the same way. Audrey notes that working on the triple isn’t beneficial until the edge problem is solved on the double.


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