Figure Skating Off-Ice Training – Agility Ladder Part 2 (Kristina Anderson)

NSCA certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and figure skating coach Kristina Anderson shares more information about off-ice agility ladder training.  General athleticism, good coordination, and quickness are important for anyone aspiring to be a better figure skater.  In this video, Kristina continues with a few exercises she did not cover in Part 1.  These include a hopping drill and a scissors drill.  Any of these kinds of drills that start on one foot should be repeated starting with the other foot as well.

One critical aspect of doing any kind of quickness training that also involves precision (like agility ladder training) is to start slow to develop the rhythm of the movement and placement control.  After setting the rhythm and building awareness of foot placement, slowly speed up to the desired quickness level.

Kristina also talks about using the agility ladder with large groups.  Having a second or third ladder for large groups is helpful to make sure all athletes are getting the necessary time and repetitions with the drills.  Finally, Kristina recommends that skaters should train once or twice a week with the agility ladder.


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