Figure Skating Off-Ice Training: Jump Higher – Part 1 (Kristina Anderson)

In the figure skating video below, figure skating strength and conditioning coach Kristina Anderson shows some exercises to help a skater increase vertical jump height.  Jump height on the ice is a critical factor for successfully completing double jumps, triple jumps, and quads.  It is common for young skaters to reach technical skill levels that would allow them to learn a double axel or a triple jump at an early age, but they may lack the sheer athleticism to jump high enough for success.  This period of having the other other double jumps while waiting for the natural athleticism to develop that comes from normal maturity is often extremely frustrating to skaters and coaches alike.  But skaters in this situation should be working on off-ice jump height training to help develop the needed athleticism earlier.

In this video, Kristina starts by explaining the need for off-ice vertical jump training and she also discusses the ideal floor for training on.  She notes that sometimes the ideal floor is simply what you have available.  The first exercise is simple and focuses on the lower leg development.  Many skaters don’t press all the way through the ankes and feet when they jump.  In fact, this is very common probably as a result of boot stiffness.  This exercise helps them engage these muscles fully.  (Editor’s note:  If you’ve ever sat in on a Frank Carroll double axel class, you know he does an exercise at the wall with a similar focus.)

In the second exercise, Kristina explains a few variations of jumping up onto a box or low table.  Notice the variations of one leg and two legs.  Kristina also discusses the actual mechanics and timing of effective jumping, as well as the concept of elasticity which all skaters can use to their advantage in jumps.


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