Double Three-Turn to Double Rocker – Follow Up (Karen Olson)

Moves in the field expert Karen Olson continues her explanation of how she teaches the Power Double Three-Turns to Power Double Rocker patterns of the USFS Senior Moves test.  You can see Part 1 of this discussion here.  In this follow-up video, Karen begins by explaining the value of drawing the diagonal X directly on the ice for the skater.  It can dramatically improve edge quality and easily fixes any pattern errors.

Karen also offers another tip for the common error of doing the double-three turns too early on the lobe.  By asking the skater to think about starting the double-three at the peak of the lobe, the skater will automatically tend to fix the pattern.

Finally, Karen explains that she does not just use exercises to teach the move, but continues to use the exercises right up until test day.  In fact, she notes that she runs the exercises much more than the actual move throughout the development process, even after the skater knows the move but is still mastering it for the test.


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