Double Flip Development Ideas (Chris Conte)

International coach and jump specialist Chris Conte works with a skater on double flip development. This skater suffers from common issues, and Chris offers some helpful insights and drills. When initially learning the double flip, many skaters lack air time due to entrance control issues and pick placement.

The first drill Chris shares is just a forward outside three turn and reach followed by the picking motion and a jump into the air, but no rotation. The skaters takes off backward and lands backward on two feet. To learn to control this and get added height, Chris talks about doing the three turn, entering on a shallow curve and exiting as straight as possible before setting the toe pick inside the circle behind the free hip. Notice where Chris holds the free foot after the three turn to create this control – right behind the skating foot.

Next, Chris does a backward “galloping” drill to get used to proper pick placement hip alignment (and engagement) over the pick. This skater struggles a bit with the rhythm of this exercise, but it’s a good way to work on “that moment” where the jump is created.  Chris also improves the skater’s alignment as she has the common error of balancing with the upper body too far outside the circle, making proper weight transfer difficult. At the end of the lesson, Chris demonstrates the initial drill again, but this time allowing a half rotation with the feet side by side in the air, with the focus being air time or jump height. Once the skater can do that comfortably, Chris recommends a sequence of two of these half-flip drills followed by a double flip attempt. This is a great way to maintain focus on jump height on the double, as well as feel the proper timing and rhythm.


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