Crossfoot Spin – Figure Skating Spins – Part 2 (Bobbe Shire)

In this figure skating video, spin specialist Bobbe Shire continues her explanation of how she teaches a crossfoot spin. In the first video (Part 1), Bobbe explained why the crossfoot spin is important and how she prefers to develop it.  In this video, she shows how to get into the spin from a back entrance.  The key here is to set the free skate on the ice on the back of the blade so that it forces the skate to the outside edge.  Initially Bobbe shows this entrance using a cross in front.  It may seem to many that this entrance would make it easier to learn a crossfoot spin, but Bobbe notes that few skaters actually get a strong outside edge on both skates using this method (to learn).  Bobbe calls it “cheating” the spin if the skater does not have their weight evenly distributed on both skates on clear outside edges.  She also discusses the learning progression for the spin.  It is often most frustrating for skaters just before they “get it.”

Next, Bobbe shows yet another potential entrance.  Using the back entrance, the skater can also put the free foot down behind the skating foot.  Bobbe notes that when putting the foot behind, the skater is rarely on a true outside edge as they tend to put their weight on the front of the blade, almost like a pivot.  (Bobbe is concerned that cranky callers may not give credit for it this way.)

Next Bobbe discusses that a skater can get to the crossfoot spin using any of 4 different entrances.  They are:  1. Forward cross behind, 2. Forward cross in front, 3. Backward cross in front, and 4. Backward cross behind.  She also discusses how body type can affect the success of this spin, or the various entrances.  She also returns to a discussion of the recommended arm position and movement for learning the spin.  She recommends these arms because it works which is probably due to the fact that the skater can better feel whether they are twisting their shoulders or not.

It’s hard to find quality discussions of the crossfoot spin.  Please leave Bobbe a comment below.


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