Corkscrew Spin, Spaghetti Spin – Figure Skating Spins (Bobbe Shire)

Spin specialist Bobbe Shire talks about the corkscrew spin, which she likes to call the spaghetti spin.  This is somewhat similar to the crossfoot spin but unlike the crossfoot, the skater is only spinning on one foot in the corkscrew.  Most really good corkscrew spins are done in the sit position with the free leg tucked behind and the free leg straight.  As Bobbe notes, this spin is body dependent and not every skater will be able to do it.  For the upright corkscrew, she thinks a slight knee bend in the skating leg is acceptable.

Bobbe explains how to get into the position.  She wants the skater to flex the free foot and turn the foot in as it swings around in back.  (She believes it helps control the hips!)  Bobbe has the demonstrator attempt an upright corkscrew spins first and then the sit version.  For the sit, notice the focus on “twisting” and that Bobbe encourages the skater to grab the skating shin (“hug the shin”).  Learning this position is easier with faster spin speed.

The second demonstrator shows a beginning corkscrew sit on the forward foot.  The same twisting concept applies.  For those working on the corkscrew spin for the first time, the twisting motion is the most commonly overlooked “trick.”


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